Finding Used Auto Parts To Fix Your Classic Vehicle

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If you have a classic car that you wish to restore on your own, you are most likely excited about the outcome you will obtain when you are completely finished with the project. Sometimes those who wish to work on an older vehicle find that it is difficult to obtain specific parts for their vehicle’s model, as they are no longer made. Here are some ideas one can use to find parts for an older vehicle when just getting started in the hobby of classic car restoration.

Check With Local And Online Auto Part Stores And Salvage Yards

Give a call to a local auto salvage yard like City Auto Wreckers to see if they have a similar vehicle on their lot that you could strip the needed parts from to use for your project. Some auto salvage yards will also have used parts on the shelves in their facility, saving you from having to remove them from a junked vehicle on your own. Local and online auto parts stores may also be able to help you find parts for a specific make and model. If a part is not listed on a website, send an email to inquire about it, as it may be listed under a different description than you had searched for in your hunt.

Join Online Groups To Inquire About Parts

Find some online forums to search for the parts you are looking for. Others who own the same vehicle as you may have sources in where they obtain parts for their own classics. If someone in one of these groups decides to sell a classic vehicle, you will have the opportunity to purchase it to use for parts as well. Check on your groups daily and post inquiries about parts you are looking for.

Provide Information To Area Classic Car Show Coordinators

Find some classic car shows in your area and contact the coordinators via phone or email. They may know someone who has a vehicle like yours that is selling it, or they may know of a used auto part store to try. It is also a good idea to frequent car shows, as you may be able to find someone with knowledge about the parts you are searching for simply by striking up conversations with other classic vehicle enthusiasts. Most classic car buffs will be happy to pass on information in how they had fixed up their own vehicles, helping you to hook up with reliable dealers as a result of your visits.

FAQ About Buying Used Car Parts

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Does your car need a few replacement parts before you can drive it around? If you don’t have a large budget for investing in numerous new parts, the best solution might be to purchase used parts instead. Take a look at this article for the answers to a few of the questions that you might have about buying used auto parts.

How Old Are Used Parts?

You can find used parts that are a variety of different ages. The best thing about used parts is that sometimes they are sold in a barely used condition. For instance, barely used car parts are often from vehicles that the owner unsuccessfully tried to repair. You can sometimes find barely used parts in junkyards, such as on vehicles that were towed away after not being to be repaired.

What Kind of Used Parts Can Be Purchased?

There are no limits when it comes to the type of used parts that you can find for your vehicle. Basically, where you purchase the used parts will determine what is available for you to choose. You can find parts that are as minor as door handles, or even something as major as a transmission. You can also find used parts for any make and model of vehicle, but you might have to spend a little more on foreign vehicle parts.

Where Can Someone Shop for Used Parts?’

There are actually several ways that you can shop for used car parts. One of the most common places to shop is at a junkyard. You are likely to get a good deal by shopping at a junkyard, as you might have to pull the parts that you need off of the vehicles on your own. There are also reputable auto shops that are in the business of selling both new and used car parts. It is also worth visiting a few auto repair shops to see if there are any parts for sell.

Does Used Parts Come with a Warranty?

Whether or not you will get a warranty when purchasing used car parts depends on where you shop. The best place to shop or for more information if you want a warranty is an actual auto parts store. However, keep in mind that used car part warranties are often only valid for a short period. If you opt for remanufactured used parts, you might get a longer warranty. Find the used parts that you need for your car as soon as possible.

2 Common Causes Of High Oil Consumption In Cars

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Oil leaks are a common automotive problem, yet one that many people learn to live with instead of correcting. Not only does this approach mean you’ll be paying way more for oil than you should, but it may also leave your car susceptible to more serious issues. If you’ve noticed that your car seems to be consuming an excessive amount of oil, read on. This article will introduce you to two common causes of high oil consumption.

External Leaks

The oil circulation system in an automobile consists of a large array of different components, including all of the following:

  • oil lines
  • crankcase drainage plugs
  • valve cover gaskets
  • oil pan gaskets
  • camshaft bearing seals

 Because of the complexity of this system, it is common for leaks to occur at the points where one or more components connect. Even a relatively minor leak–a drop here and there–can lead to a huge spike in the oil consumption of an automobile.

If you suspect that your car is suffering from an external oil leak, consider affixing a section of light-colored fabric to the underside of the engine. Be careful to ensure that the cloth isn’t so loose as to get tangled up, or so tight as to interfere with any moving parts. Then take your car for a short road test. Afterwards, inspect the cloth for any signs of dripping oil.

Damaged Or Worn Out Main Bearings

An automobile’s main bearings fulfill the important task of allowing crankshaft rotation. They do this not only by keeping the crankshaft in its place, but also by redistributing the large amounts of force generated by the pistons. When main bearings become worn down or damaged, however, they inadvertently begin to allow the passage of oil upward into the cylinders.

The greater the amount of wear, the greater the amount of oil throw upward into the cylinders. At first, the pistons and rings may be able to control this problem. Yet soon this excess oil soon becomes too much to handle. Because the cylinders are unable to evacuate the surplus oil quickly enough, it begins to burn inside of the combustion chamber.

The issue only becomes worse as oil is consumed in this fashion. You see, before long your car will have burned through a large part of its finite oil supply. In other words, soon there will no longer be too much oil in the cylinders but too little. This greatly increases the amount of wear on your pistons and rings. It is therefore a good idea to have your engine evaluated by a professional mechanic if your car has been consuming oil at too great a rate. You may need a new set of head cylinders, such as from CHI Cylinder Heads International.

Compare And Contrast: Halogen Versus Xenon Headlight Bulbs

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One common way to learn that your need a new headlight bulb for you vehicle is driving with only one without knowing about the problem and being honked at repeatedly by other drivers until you realize what the issue is. Unfortunately, another way involves being pulled over by the law enforcement in your area and being given a rather expensive ticket for accidentally driving with just one headlight. Regardless, if either of those situations have led to you standing,bewildered, on the aisle of the auto parts store that seems to have a million and one different types of bulbs for headlights with no idea as to which one would be the best choice for your vehicle, the following information will be very helpful.

Choosing The Halogen Headlight Bulb

It is first going to be important to note that the majority of headlight bulbs currently being used are Halogen bulbs. They tend to be a less expensive choice and barring anything unexpected like accidents or damage to the area, will last a long time. However, they do get very hot while being used and may take some time to cool down after use.

That might be something to consider if you frequently have small children or pets helping to bring in items from the car at night or if they like to spend time in the garage with you when you come home. In addition, plan to use gloves when changing out the old bulb for the new one because Halogen bulbs are very sensitive to moisture and even just the transfer moisture from your hands to the new bulb could negatively impact its future use. 

Xenon Headlight Bulbs

Xenon headlight bulbs will also last a long time and it has been reported by some that they last longer than halogen bulbs. However, they tend to be an expensive choice that is often seen on luxury vehicles, although they can be used on more affordable vehicles as well. They also require less power from your vehicle to work, which could be helpful the next time you unexpectedly find out that you need a new car battery.

Although it continues to be a popular choice, it should be mentioned that the bright glare provided by a xenon bulb has reportedly made it challenging to other drivers.

In conclusion, choosing the right car light for sale is an important task that can impact your safety and that of everyone else on the road with you. As a result, it will be very helpful to be aware of the above information before you ever step foot in an auto parts store

How to Change a Car Fuse

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Having a blown fuse usually means there has been a circuit overload in your vehicle’s system. It’s much like changing one in your home. It may take a little patience to get the job done, but it’s a simple procedure if you use these simple pointers.

First Things First

  1. Be sure you have the vehicle ignition in the off position. 
  2. Check the owner’s manual to locate the fuse panel. In most vehicles, it will be under the steering wheel. However, some vehicles may have two, with another one under the hood.
  3. Remove the cover to the fuse panel. A diagram of each fuse and its amperage is usually located on the flip side of the cover. The panel will have various numbers and colors to indicate the size of the fuse. Be sure to double check the diagram in case someone else has replaced the wrong fuse. This could be one of the reasons it is blown.
  4. Check the metal filament in each fuse using a flashlight if it is dark to make the numbers more visible. If the inside is black, the filament might be broken. 

Changing the Fuse

Pry up one end of the fuse cap to avoid breaking the fuse. You may have to go toward the center at the end of the fuse to make it move. You can use a fuse puller or your hands to pull out the fuses. Most vehicle manufacturers will provide a puller in the fuse box. You can also use a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, or a bent paper clip. Use caution because they will break easily. It is a simpler procedure if you don’t break the fuse in the panel.

Use the same amperage for the fuse that is being replaced. You could cause electrical damage if the same amp is not used. However, for an emergency situation, you can use a fuse that is not used in another function if it has the same power amperage. For example, you could use one that is for your windows if you need one for your windshield wipers in the rain. It is a good idea to keep a variety of fuses for emergencies. You can purchase a kit in the automotive section of any store that sells automobile products. 

These guidelines should be all you need for replacing your vehicle’s fuse. However, if you change the fuses and the problem isn’t fixed, it may be time to consult a mechanic, such as Dugan Oil and Tire. It might be a more serious problem that will need a professional. 

How And Why To Buy Aftermarket Car Parts

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When it’s time to replace parts of your car, you may wonder whether it’s best to go with parts from the original manufacturer or go with an aftermarket part. If you are careful about what you buy, aftermarket parts can be a great value. Here are some tips on why and how to buy aftermarket parts.

Many Car Parts are Actually Aftermarket

Even in new car models, not every part that you will receive is made directly by the manufacturer. Car manufacturers will sometimes outsource parts of the manufacturing labor, so that they can keep their production processes streamlined and provide a cost-effective product. By recognizing this fact and buying aftermarket parts directly from their source, you can get a reduced cost on your repairs.

It’s All in the Packaging

If you look inside the packaging for your new OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts, you may notice that the parts are actually made by a third party company. Choosing to buy OEM doesn’t guarantee that your car parts will actually be made directly by that car manufacturer. Of course, the guarantee of a famous brand does mean something when it comes to quality, but you can also find quality aftermarket parts if you use a trusted auto body shop to help you search.

Cost Savings = More for Your Money

If you are able to save money by not paying for the branding of your items, it’s possible that you can trade up for higher performance parts. Use your money wisely to buy higher quality materials, additional features, and more durable models. Over time, what will matter is the performance and longevity of the parts, not the brand; choosing aftermarket parts can help you to get the best performance out of your vehicle.

Finding Good Aftermarket Parts

The offerings for aftermarket parts are varied, so you will need some help to sort through the different options and price points for new parts. If you can, only buy parts through a mechanic that you trust and know in person. When buying parts online, it can be difficult to inspect the quality and appearance of the parts, so a mechanic should make it easier to find quality parts.

When you buy aftermarket parts, be sure that you understand where the parts actually come from. Since parts can be rebranded under many different names, it may take some digging to get the original manufacturer’s name and check their reputation. If you are at all concerned about the quality of aftermarket parts, then a good warranty should help you feel at ease about your purchase. 

Get The Most When Selling Your Car By Fixing Those Cosmetic Problems

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If you’re selling your car privately, fix those little bent, scratched, and missing parts first. Your car will have much better visual appeal, and the prospective buyer will have less to fix themselves. Here is how to take care of those minor repairs easily and for less money than if you took the car to an auto repair shop.

Do It Yourself with Used Parts for an Inexpensive Makeover

Most of the repairs you can do yourself with a few simple tools. Check out the local auto salvage yards for parts. You’ll save money on labor and on the parts at the salvage yards when you do it yourself. Here are the areas of your car to consider fixing.

Under the Hood

  • Insulation – If the material that’s under your engine hood is rotted or torn, replace it with a used piece.
  • Battery clamps and cables – These often become bent and corroded. Clean any dirt and corrosion off of the battery and posts and replace the cables and battery hold down clamp with used parts.

Exterior of the Car

  • License plate holders – These may be bent or missing and can easily be replaced with salvage yard parts.
  • Lens covers – Look for headlight, taillight and brake light lens covers to replace any cracked or broken covers.
  • Windshield wiper arms – These can become corroded and the finish can peel. Replace the wiper arm with used parts but put in new wiper blades for an extra touch.
  • Side mirrors – You’ll find complete side mirror assemblies in an auto parts yard to replace broken mirrors on your car. It’s often easier to replace the entire unit instead of trying to fix just the broken glass mirror.
  • Door handles – If these are bent or corroded, replace them with used parts.
  • Trunk handle and lock – If the trunk lock is missing or doesn’t work properly, replace it. Have the lock keyed by a locksmith before you install it.
  • Hub caps and covers – Find replacements at the auto salvage yard if these are missing, dented, or corroded.

Interior of the Car

  • Rear view mirror – Replace if missing or re-glue if loose on the windshield. Special adhesive for mirrors is available in auto parts stores.
  • Knobs, levers and dials – Replace any of these that are missing or damaged. They are easy to find in a salvage yard and are less expensive than in an auto parts store.
  • Sun visors – Warped or dirty visors should be replaced.
  • Floor mats – You may find good floor mats at the used auto parts store, but may have to buy new mats to match the floor shape, size, and the color of your car.

Repairing these minor cosmetic details will make your car look cared for. A few dented or scratched items on your car can make the difference between a sale and someone walking away to find a car in nicer shape. 

To find parts at a salvage yard, visit a place such as Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc.

Garage Door Problems: Why It Is Uneven & Slow

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Is your garage door uneven and don’t close as fast as it should? There are several things that can be causing the problem, but investing in a new garage door might be the best solution. In this article, learn about garage door problems and what getting a new one installed costs if you need one.

What Can Lead to a Garage Door Being Uneven & Slow?

The garage door torsion springs can lead to the door being uneven and slow. A garage door is heavy and hard to lift without functional torsion springs in place. The springs are able to handle the weight of the door as it is opened and closed. If the springs are damaged, the door can move slower than normal. Damaged springs can also lead to the door getting off track, which is why it is uneven.

Sometimes the tracks on the sides of the garage door are the reason for it being uneven. The tracks can cause a problem if they get loose, rusty or bent. Getting the tracks lubricated or realigned should solve the problem with your garage door being uneven. However, the tracks should be replaced if they are bent beyond repair.

It is also possible that your garage door is uneven and slow because it is damaged. If you have a metal door, there can be a lot of dents in it that is preventing it from functioning in the correct way. A garage door specialist may be able to remove dents with commercial equipment, but a new door is likely necessary if there are too many dents.

Is it Dangerous to Leave a Garage Door Uneven?

The danger of leaving a garage door uneven depends on what is causing the problem. If the torsion springs are the cause of the problem, you should seek a prompt repair. Torsion springs are under a lot of pressure at all times and can cause a serious injury if they snap when you are nearby. Your vehicle can get damaged if it is parked in the garage when a torsion spring snaps.

If it is determined that you need to get a new garage door installed, you are looking to spend an average of $400 or more for one. The type and quality of the door will play a role in the overall price. Call a specialist, like those at J & R Garage Door Company Inc., to get your uneven garage door inspected so the right kind of repair can be made.

Answering Common Questions About Caring For Your Jaguar

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There are few cars that have a more elegant body design and better built engine than a Jaguar, and it should come as no surprise that most owners want to take excellent care of these high-end vehicles. Unfortunately, many people are unsure of what should be done to maintain their Jaguars, and this can cause them to make some errors that lead to major mechanical and cosmetic problems for their cars. As a result, you may benefit from learning the answers to the following questions about caring for your car. 

Why Should You Take Your Jaguar To A Mechanic Following A Battery Change?

One of the more common problems that people will encounter is a dead battery. Unfortunately, there are some Jaguar models that will require a special visit to an authorized service center to have the engine’s internal computer reset. This computer plays a vital role in regulating the air and fuel flow of the engine, and if power is terminated to it, there is a chance it may lose the ability to properly regulate the engine. 

Fortunately, resetting the computer is a relatively quick task. A mechanic, like the ones at American Air Suspension, will only need to attach a diagnostic computer to the engine’s computer port to reset the internal computer to its original settings. This step can be completed in minutes, which helps ensure that it is as convenient as possible to have done. 

How To Care For Your Leather Seats?

The luxurious interior is another hallmark of a Jaguar, but the rich leather seats will need regular care to keep them looking pristine. If you fail to maintain these seats, you will find that they will fade, tear and develop foul smells. Fortunately, cleaning your leather seats is a relatively simple task.

In order to properly clean this leather, you will need to purchase specially formulate auto leather cleaners. These cleaning agents contain a variety of oils that will help make dirt and grime easier to remove while also nourishing the leather. By cleaning your leather at least once a month, you can definitely extend its lifespan. 

Owning a Jaguar can be a tremendous source of pride, but these vehicles require regular care to ensure that they avoid some common sources of damage. For new Jaguar owners, this does not have to be a difficult task. By understanding the need to have the computer reset following a battery change and the steps needed to care for your leather, you can keep your Jaguar looking and running great. 

4 Tips To Help Prevent A Transmission Failure

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The last thing car owners want is for the transmission on their vehicle to fail — rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be quite expensive! Luckily, transmissions are designed to have a long lifespan if they are maintained and taken care of properly. Spending a little bit of time and money now can prevent the need for a new transmission, saving you a lot of money and hassle. Use the following tips to keep your car’s transmission in good condition:

Get Transmission Repairs Promptly

It is never a good idea to ignore transmission problems — if your vehicle starts having problems shifting gears or buckles during gear changes, have your vehicle looked at by a mechanic, like those at S & A Transmission, as soon as possible. It is much easier to make repairs on a transmission as soon as the problem starts; continual driving with a transmission in need of repair greatly increases the chance of your transmission failing completely.

Check Transmission Fluid Levels Regularly

Transmission fluid lubricates parts within the transmission and allows the transmission to transmit power to the drive train. If the transmission fluid level in your vehicle is too low, damage can occur to your transmission, and your vehicle may not operate properly. Checking the transmission fluid level is a pretty simple process that anyone can do in their own driveway or garage. Just pull out the dipstick in the transmission fluid reservoir, and ensure that the fluid comes up to the right level on the dipstick. For best results, check transmission fluid levels while the car is still warm after being driven.

Stay On Top of Recommended Transmission Services

If you want to keep your transmission in good repair, regularly scheduled transmission services are essential. Over time, transmission fluid becomes old and dirty, and the transmission filter can become clogged with buildup, which can negatively affect the performance of the transmission. During a transmission service, the old fluid will be replaced with new transmission fluid, and the old filter will be replaced with a new one. If you are unsure of how often your vehicle needs a transmission service, refer to your owners manual, and make sure you stick to the transmission service maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. 

Maintain Your Cooling System

Excessive heat is very damaging to the transmission in your vehicle, so make sure you properly maintain your vehicle’s cooling system to the transmission does not get overheated. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also consider installing an auxiliary cooling fan to further protect your transmission from heat.